How do I know what Actors are on the screen?

I tried to use Actror->WasRecentlyRendered(0.05) for a frame rate of 30FPS. However, the result I am getting is not correct. For example, I have a lot of objects inside the fridge. However, I do not want those objects when my camera is in front of the fridge(The fridge door is closed). I know I can do raycasting, but the problem is sometimes, the camera might not be right in front of the doors, so the trace line might hit something else, and gets blocked.

I’m not sure if this is your case, but depending on the lighting actors can be rendered even if occluded. I noticed that if you have actors that are invisible but may have their shadows on the visible actors they can be rendered too.

If the actor is occluded by something I would expect WasRecentlyRendered not to work.

If you want to know what actors are inside the view frustrum of the camera, you’ll have to do that yourself by doing a frustrum check against the actors bounds.

Yea. WasRecentlyRendered() is the correct way so I think the bigger question to ask here is what’s stopping the objects behind a closed fridge door from being occluded? Are their bounds too big?