How do i know my mesh component ( of pawn ) is on ground

Hi, I’m learning UE4 C++ Programming. ( I’m so New right now )
Till now I didn’t had any issues and found the answer of my question from the internet but I can’t find a function/variable that tells me UStaticMeshComponent is on Ground ( I’m practicing on something like CubeRunner )
That is my code:

It works fine if I want to double jump everytime that I jumped OR I single jump then wait for 2.5seconds ( it resets the booleans to default ) but if I jump and don’t press double jump and when I reach the ground my next jump is actually the double jump ( if i do it before 2.5 seconds ), therefore I want to call the function HandleJump() when the mesh reached on Ground.

I think you may be looking for this

ok, my mistake was that I was searching for that function in UStaticMeshComponent.
but I have UFloatingPawnMovement for the pawn’s movement.
I wasn’t assigning it to a variable, but when I did and found the function and then used it on EventTick
the function wasn’t returning true if I hit the ground, & if I change the UFloatingPawnMovement to UCharacterMovementComponent my pawn won’t move
what do I do?

not that familiar with UFloatingPawnMovement so I can’t really answer that. perhaps you can get velocity instead of if it is grounded.

Do you know another way to give a Pawn some movement?