How do I know if Unreal Studio has been properly installed?

I found and downloaded two installer .msi files, one titled enterprise and the other titled unrealengine. I installed the one titled unrealengine. If I correctly understand, there should be 3 tabs for templates available when you start a new project- Blueprint, C++, and Unreal Studio. When I launch Unreal there is no Unreal Studio tab. Does this mean that Unreal Studio has not been installed? And how does Unreal Studio differ from plain Unreal- does it just offer a different choice of project templates, or are there deeper differences in techniques and procedures for rendering, packaging, etc.?

Hi Murium.

The order of operations is the following:

  1. start at Datasmith - Unreal Engine
  2. Click “Download Unreal Studio” - this downloads the EpicGamesLauncherInstaller.msi - This is the Epic Launcher
  3. Install and log into the Launcher with your Epic account.
  4. On the left side, you should see “Subscription Status: Unreal Studio Beta - Active” … this means you are on the right path
  5. From the Launcher, (either the orange button on the left, or via the “Library” page) install the Unreal Engine (we currently recommend version 4.20.x)
  6. Once the Engine finishes installing, it will also install the Datasmith Plugin to it
  7. After it is done, you can launch the engine, create any project type (in 4.20 only) and then you should see the “Import Datasmith” button on the toolbar.

I am a bit concerned about you “finding” an msi file called unrealengine. This does not sound like an official source, which should only be downloaded via the Epic Launcher.

Unreal Studio is simply the regular Unreal Engine, plus the “Datasmith Plugin”, which installs to deliver new import options and a new project template. Signing up for the Unreal Studio Beta also grants additional benefits, such as added benefits from the Substance plugin.

Also during the process, but separate…don’t forget to install the Exporter plugin to 3ds Max or SketchUp if you use the workflow. You can find the link to the webpage on the Epic Launcher, on the Library page.

Thank you for the instructions. About “finding” an msi called unrealengine- I did not Google it. I logged into my account and browsed through Unreal’s official pages. There’s no way I could have known if I had ended up on a fake page.