How do I kill character if he is hit by destructible mesh piece?

Thanks! That answered another question I had!

Well… Ok. The game I’m making has you robbing buildings by blowing up holes, shooting guards, and stealing things. If the player, or the guards are hit by debris from a destructible mesh, I want them to die, but I also want them to walk over them after they’re destroyed. How would I do that?

So I want the guards (blue guy) to die if they are hit by debris (figure 1), but I also want them to walk over the debris if it’s not moving (figure 2). I tried the hit event on the guard, and it died if it was hit by debris, but it also died just by walking into it. If that makes sense.

I have an AI character that wanders around, and you can destroy things around the map. So, I want it to die if it is hit by a piece of destructible mesh, but using the “on component hit” function kills it just by walking into it even if it’s stationary. Is there another way to do it?

Hello Dagaumph Games,

I think the best way is to use the appy damage function(s).

[Damage | Unreal Engine Documentation][1]

Apply Damage

Event Any Damage

You are welcome. I hope helpful.

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