How do I keep tiled terrain loaded after shutdown?

Ok so i have a 64x64 tiled landscape made in L3DT Pro, I select all of the tiles in the world outliner rightclick goto show all at startup but every time i restart my project i have to goto levels>select terrain tiles. click load, then i can see them in the editor. I want it to auto load these files after the project is closed and reopened why is it not loading them in the editor? is there a way to make them auto load on project start up in the editor?

no one knows?

i have the same problem…

I figured out how to do it in 4.10, First I went into world comp, added all terrain to a new layer called earth, then in the scene editor select all the proxies, rightclick then goto Move selected into current level BUT ITS BROKEN NOW in 4.13 :frowning: …I was able to get it to work with this method back in 4.10 but now it just crashes when save after doing it.

in my project i use 4.10 but its not work for me… when i am in the last terrain it crush…

Ιτ work. I did one proxy at the time rather than all together and it work properly.
thx frostic

I have the same issue using 4.13. Can someone post a screenshot or two of how to keep the levels loaded with L3DT after closing UE4? Every time I open my project I have to select all the terrain and load them. Thanks in advance!!