How do I keep the character from kicking objects around like a beach ball?

After adding a car to the project, I have tested out how the character collides with the vehicle. He can literally move the car around the map like it is a beach ball. No matter how much it weighs, the character can move the car like he’s an all-powerful-being.

Any suggestions/ideas/resolutions for this issue?

I changed the character’s force in the Character Movement, changed the gravity, added more weight to the car, added a collision box with more weight…Nothing seems to stop the car from being sent rolling around when the character bumps into it.

Thank you much!

From the top of my head, look for “Depenetration Velocity” in actors’ details. By default it’s grayed out and the maximum possible, but if you activate it you can set it to lower values.

Alternatively, you can try and increase the objects’ mass.