How do I keep score for a third person shooter?

I want to add a point for every time the character kills the a.i., any tips?

Create a blueprint that subclasses either GameState (shared by everyone) or PlayerState (each player has his own).

In your subclass, create a variable to store points in.

Wherever you detect that your player kills the ai, have it get a reference to your blueprint and increment your variable.

Thanks for replying but since I am new to this whole Unreal Editor thing would you mind sending some screenshots with instructions as well? Thanks!

I’ll do even better than that. YouTube Tutorials are what you really need at your stage. They can cover a ton of info quickly. AnswerHub is for solving bugs and specific problems you are having. YouTube is where you want to hang out to get tons of free instruction. Especially the Epic Training streams by Zak Parrish.

Yes! Thank you so much!

So yeah I still have no clue on how to do it so sorry for wasting your time on my noobiness but if you can send me so screenshots that would be great. Thanks again and sorry :slight_smile: