How do I keep running a function on repeat in custom editor for asset? Been trying for 1.5 days now. {4-27}


Here is my class

class FluidNarratorScreenplayEditor : public FAssetEditorToolkit, public FNotifyHook, public FGCObject
void FluidNarratorScreenplayEditor::Initialize(const EToolkitMode::Type Mode, const TSharedPtr< IToolkitHost >& InitToolkitHost, UFluidNarratorScreenplay* AssetIn)
	//Initialize Asset Editor (Other Code Above This But Not Needed For Question)

	//Create Worker Thread
	TickWorker = new FFluidNarratorScreenplayEditorTickWorker(this);

I tried creating a FRunnable but it crashes saying Slate needs to be on Game Thread but I don’t want to rely on Game running.

Here is picture of editor. On the right is a window called “simulator” and I need to keep running its “step function”.