How do I just create a .uasset file without dependencies and in DTX_1 format not PNG.

Hi, I’m trying to make a texture mod for a game but I’ve run into an issue. To get the texture ingame I need to create a .pak file to house the new texture, so I did that but the texture doesn’t show up. I’ve deduced that the problem was that my texture was in the wrong format (DTX_5) when it should have been DTX_1.

So I went back in and made sure that the texture was being compressed into DTX_1 without alpha. But I ran into another issue. The cooked texture was in 3 separate files a .uasset file that was 1 KB, a .ubulk file that was 138 KB, and a .uexp file that was 4 KB.

I then tried to use the noncooked file from the project by just opening the project folder but that was in a png format. Specifically BGRA, I’m new to unreal so I think that this means Blue Green Red Alpha. And this file also did not work.

My question is does anyone know how I can make the texture file into .uasset file without the .ubulk and .uexp (Which I think are called dependencies) If screenshots would help I can DM over discord.