How do I join imported terrains


I have some experience with other engines, but its not easy trying to find information about how to create terrains, that are going to be huge ( think mmo big, or so ). I know UE4 can create 8192x8192 now, but that’s a huge swath to work with, vs loading in something a lot smaller from a modeler and fitting them together.

How is this fitting together done in UE4, or is there anything at the moment to get that done ?

Feel free to share you views on better ways of doing this, or if I’m just missing the best practice for achieving this.

Sorry if I missed something in docs or videos, but what searching I’ve done, I can’t find info on this procedure, and I want to have this done properly before I keep creating, and wasting time possibly.


Check this out:

Ty a lot, this should help me with what I’m doing at the moment.

I wish he would have had better direction in the video though, as sometimes he’s just not clear about what he presses , to get the effect he’s showing on screen.

To avoid those things, often people use mouse pointer highlighters ( or keypress, whatever)

Also the trouble with this approach, is it doesn’t look as if ? we can for example…have say 10 terrains of 2000x2000x600 loaded, and paint on any of them, say a path, and be able to make path go anywhere on any 10 of them, uninterrupted. That’s needed for the mmo I have planned.

Is there any way of doing that, even if its not in world browser ? We might also want mountains to flow from one terrain , to another for continuity, so many possibilities in game design :wink:

I wonder if world machine lets you work on a xKm x xKM world, add your paths ( paint ?) and then break it up before importing into UE4,that would certainly be something , but I somehow doubt its possible. I’ll keep checking out tutorials in case I’ve missed something, but given I have a clear design idea planned out, I wanted to fix this design issue first before continuing further :wink: