How do I/is it possible to create an advanced UI menu?

Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to make advanced UI menus or how I would go about making one and putting it into a game. I have searched everywhere I can think and haven’t found anything that answers this so am hoping to find an answer here.

For reference I am talking about menus that look similar or have the same qualities as these examples:

Thanks for any help!

PS: I am looking for things that don’t look as basic and boring as the UMG UI creator. I don’t know whether there are options within this that can help, but how would i go about creating an exciting menu with animations?

Unreal has all the stuff that you would need to be able to do this, tbh I don’t really know a way of answering this without actually doing it for you. In terms of how it looks graphically, that’s going to be almost 100% on getting good looking art assets. As for functionality you can make it do anything you want for the most part. Now maybe if you had a more specific question in terms of functionality with a UI like, having UI slide in and off screen, or shrink and expand, maybe blink when clicked, then you are more likely to get a better response.