How do I interpolate between two locations for smooth movement?

i want make smooth transition for object.
why not work?
it move,but not smooth.

The delta is constant at 5 in your blueprint, but it needs to change over time.
Creating a timeline will help you. I also stored the initial location to a local variable Start Location

This document shows how to do it in detail: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

thanks for comment.
i understand a little.

Sorry I chose a different method, lerp. VInterpTo takes the current delta from EventTick. I think you want this event to only happen when you press the S key. EventTick happens all the time. It would be harder to use EventTick and try to figure out when to start and stop moving the Sphere. But a Timeline has a nice start and stop. And the Timeline controls how far between the two vectors you want to go. My timeline is 5 seconds long, and goes from t:0.0,y:0.0 to t:5.0,y1.0.