How do I integrate waveworks into UE4

I managed to know download waveworks but I don’t know how to integrate it. The folder has a setup.bat . When I run it it downloads Ue4 binaries just like the source code but I already have UE 4 installed.Please help!


It seems that no one wants to help me!

  1. Get a Github account

  2. Install Visual Studio Express ( I think it needs to be 2013 to build UE4.9 )

  3. Download or clone the latest waveworks build ( 4.9.2 is the latest one someone has made it for )

  4. Switch to the correct git branch

  5. Run setup.bat

  6. Run generateprojectfiles.bat

  7. Double click UE4.sln

  8. Build UE4

  9. Build the shader compiler thing

  10. You should be able to launch the engine now from the build/ folder (it will get stuck at 45% for ages)

This is the forum thread on gameworks which includes waveworks so its helpful to go through

this information, i have not tried yet but i will and hopefully come back here for a “thanks” for you

Where can i find the build/ folder?

you could make a video showing how to do this process.Please