How do i install UE 4.6 preview?

I have downloaded the zip file of unreal engine 4.6 preview and i have installed c´visual studio 2013 community but i cant start the engine in 4.6. If i unzip the file somewhere on my computer and use the setup file than it opens a comand screen and seams to install something but after that the editor does not launch and there is no error message? If i try to launch UE 4.6 form my UE4 libary where i can launch 4.5.1 than i cant find it there ??
Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to propably setup and run the 4.6 version ?

Hi digital!

I’m not sure I follow the steps you are taking. 4.6 should not be distributed as a zip file as far as I’m aware.

In the Launcher on the Library tab, at the top you should be able to see a “+ Add Engine” button. This adds a new engine slot, on which you should be able to select the 4.6.0 Preview, and click the install button if you have a currently active subscription.

Let me know how you get on!

sorry stupid mistake from my side. After i clicked the “add engine” tab in the libary it only showed me 4.4 because i have overseen the small withe selection-arrow on the upper right of the button.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I’m having a similar issue… but with an older version… i did a one time $19 purchase of the engine back when it was at 4.4.3… this is what i see is available… i click “launch” and it tries then stops…

I am on a Mac running Yosemite. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall… i suspect maybe there might be some library folder or something that is perhaps a residual from past installs? If I knew where unreal sticks things in OSX I could be sure to have a pure new install…

Ultimately what i want is to get 4.6 or newer and not install 4.4.3 which of course if I wanted too I couldn’t since it’s not able to launch that either.

Hi part12studios,

I believe you are experiencing a different issue. Could you post this as a new report in the Installation & Setup section? It will allow us to investigate the issue easier. Feel free to reference this post just in case they are related.

yea @digital earthquake that’s exactly what i did wrong… i removed the old and added 4.7.1 and it went very smooth… thanks everyone!