How Do I install 4.24.1

I’m working with 4.24.1 in school and have been told to do all work on this exact version, I can only find how to download 4.24.2 and this will not be accepted if submitted for my course

Unfortunatly i can’t seem to find a way for you to do it. I have searched a few places, but it seems you only able to download 4.24.2.

Maybe one of Epic Games staff could help, otherwise i would explain to you tutor that 4.24.1 is not available. Tho saying that, even if you did use 4.24.2, they would still be able to open it and run it in 4.24.1. Why are they using 4.24.1 ? Seems very odd that they would be that strict about a minor engine version.

You can’t do it from the launcher, I believe it’s possible to build it from the source code.