How do I initialize different HUDs for different characters?

I’m making a game with different characters with different HUDs. I initialize the HUD inside the Gamemode PostLoggin(APlayerController*NewPlayer) function and in the controller class I assign the HUD, depending on the character I have selected.(I have not made a character select screen or anything like that I just go with the auto posses player in the engine menu) But if I run the game in multiplayer the client does not see a HUD(I set the character references inside the controller blueprint). Can anyone show me an example of how to this in c++ or anything ralated about choosing characters?

GameMode don’t exist in client, but local PlayerController should, so initiate HUD there insted and make sure you doing that in client (if you call function from GameMode you should replicate the call to client, best will be if you use internal PlayerController mechanisms to init HUD)

This is my code inside the port loggin function inside my game mode



my InitializeHUD() is set to Client, Reliable. I don’t know what you mean by local player controller, PlayerController mechanisms.