How do i increase the frequency a variable is replicated?

I have an array variable that i want to replicate very frequently (it’s an array with physx transforms to replicate physics simulation) but right now i’m getting 8/10 updates per seconds which is not nearly enough, because the character mesh is moving like a slideshow. The game will be played in LAN so the bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem. I tried increasing the Net Update Frequency of the actor but didn’t make any difference. I read in another post that are client bandwidth limits, how do i remove / increase the cap so i get a lot more frequent variable updates so the physics simulation is smooth on the client?

You are looking at this the wrong way. Instead of simply settings your characters transform when it changes, you need to lerp between its last transform and its current transform. There is a reason you can’t update that frequently - it’s bad practice to just force it to update that much. Think about having 50 players, all receiving a variable 10 times a second. That’s 500 messages a second. Instead you should be doing 2-3 updates a second, and smoothing the transition.

Sure thing. The way I see it, you’ll never get smooth transitions without lerping them. It will always look a little choppy.

I know it’s bad practice, but since this is for a prototype that is going to run always at LAN, it’s not too bad to do it that way and it seemed the most easy way, obviously it can’t be done a for a commercial game. I don’t understand much of PhysX transforms, but i will try to figure out how to lerp between them. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’ve figured out how to increase the client limits and at least on my pc with 2 clients it’s working, just have to try it in LAN, if it doesn’t work i’ll try to implement the lerp, have you ever tried lerping Physx transforms?

Naw, only have lerped native UE components but the concept is the same. You can even build the math function, it’s not terribly complicated.

I will look into it :slight_smile: Thanks