How do I incorporate MySQL with UE4 using MySQL/C++ Connector via Dynamic Library?

Ok I have read several things about this and I am totally confused.

Lets get some things straight before you guys go off commenting about it. I do know how to program with C++. That isn’t the issue. Neither is how I am going to make my game communicate with the database.

These are my plans:

Client starts → movies blah blah->LoginScreen->encrypts password with SHA-512 and sends username and encrypted pass to DediServer for authentication
DediServer->gets info from client and checks with database
…and so forth
All I need to know is step by step instructions on how to get it to the point where it is incorporated in with the Engine so that I can use MySQL library functions within a blueprint.

Here is what I have gathered so far… You can use built in http post get whatever to do this, but this is not my preferred way. You can make it as a plugin. But I don’t think I want it as a plugin. I want it more like a library API. Since that is essentially what the MySQL/C++ Connector does, it gives you use of the MySQL C++ API.

NOTE I have read what MySQL site says about using the C++ Connector… and seems that just installing C++ Connector isn’t going to be enough and have to include the C connector as well. Because C++ connector doesn’t come with libmysql.dll yet is required for the dynamic library. But I am unsure so I will need someone also clarify that too.

BTW: I am using UE4 version 4.6.1

Please help to clarify how to do this.

You only need the C connector if you are building the c++ connector from source. Just some advice: You can and should handle authentication through HTTP requests to a web server. Authentication only happens at key points (i.e. logging in, changing passwords or other account info, etc) and these don’t have to be done fast as possible. Plus if your game gets DOS’d it’s 9 times out of 10 gonna be against the authentication server, not the backend database unless you let the connection info slip out into the public. Use direct database communication for important game systems from the server like inventory queries, character attribute queries, etc). That’s the stuff you want direct with nice concurrency support.

Why is it so hard to find tutorials about how to make this connection? Please someone post some example code that explains to a beginner how to make this connection. A video on YouTube would be awesome. I’m struggling to do it and I can’t get any help or books.