How Do I Improve From Here and make it even more better???

I have done this House compatible with VR how do i further improve this criticism and suggestions welcome.

I would suggest giant robots and death lasers, but your target audience may be different :slight_smile:

Speaking about the actual video: I think working on the camera movement animation might give it some extra punch.
Staging things to be slightly more askew (that quad of wine glasses looks like a geometry lesson :slight_smile: could also add appeal.

Higher output resolution and higher screenpercentage in the unreal post process should remove some artifacts and little flickering in the video! You can sacrifice some fps for better visuals :wink:

I am Still learning implementation of camera movements a huge noob in that department. the recording was done with player camera actual gameplay.

thanks but i barely managed to keep 90 fps in oculus also have started getting into level streaming part.

Ah ok yea, I forgot it was meant for vr, my bad! you are right, maintaining 90 fps is hard.