How do I import my animated character from blender 2.9 into UE4 without it looking detached, the wrong size and not animating

image one has the dimensions I was last using for the export in blender

image two is the size the character mesh is in UE4

image three is the import and export setting for blender to UE4 (Blender export on left, UE4 import on right

image 5 error message

I imported the mesh from magical voxel and removed double vertices (even though I don’t know what they are)
I am super stuck and don’t understand what is happening. I am new to both programs so I believe I could have possibly done something wrong but everything seems to work right in blender, all the bones have the same parent and it seems tidy in blender but I could be wrong

I have tried these things but may have gotten them slightly wrong. (I don’t think I got them wrong but am new to the program so may have)

would appreciate any help thanks! :slight_smile:

here is blender file: animation character backup .blend - Google Drive

I managed to solve the issue, I’m so new to this and didn’t know that you could achieve robotic movements with a mesh that had all the arms legs and head attached lol.

I solved this by combining the separate legs/arms etc into one object but going to object mode, selecting all the objects and pressing ctrl + j.

after this I kept the mesh selected and moved into edit mode where I created separate vertex groups. one for each arm, leg, head and body. after that all my animations worked the same and I was able to import into UE4 without any issues.

I managed to find this life saving comment by Dyoto Orion just a scroll down in this forum from 2014.
here is the forum:

I hope this helps anyone stuck with the same issue as there is a lot of miss leading information that are about similar issues.