How do I import in my anims to one skeleton so they DON"T make multiple skeletons for every anim?

It took me a while guys, but I found out that to get all the animations I want for my Anim BP skeleton
to show up in unreal engine Anim Preview window the animations have to be imported in from
blender with just only the armature. And not with the mesh otherwise Unreal Engine will turn that anim into a skeleton asset and then i won’t beable to access the animations from the anim BP window.
So that’s how this engine seems to work.

No. You need to select the skeleton you want to use when importing by clicking the Skeleton field.

It works when I export my animations out of blender with the armature only so i can then beable to choose the skeleton of my anim bp to beable to then import in the animation to that particular skeleton so it don’t create another skeleton asset.

So that’s now working, how do I get the POSE animations to play only at certain times?. (not anim notifies), but a timer in the blueprint that just plays an animation after a certain period of time has elasped to make the player shrug their shoulders, or do a neck roll, or shoulder stretch ect. Or Better yet, have the animations in an array list so you get different random gestures ect.

I know what I want, but not sure on how to set up the timers to play the animations. As I’ve not done timers before.