How do I import and use objects that run off the same texture map/material?

Hey guys. so here’s the problem:

I have two objects that run off the same texture map (because they are both UV mapped together to save space and maps) but for some reason in Unreal when i apply the map to the separate object, the texture freaks out. If I apply the texture to the two objects in Maya, it allocates the textures fine according to the Uvs, but in Unreal it doesn’t seem to be running off the Uv’s map, but more or less treating it as a normal material.

So it pretty much bottles down to; is there a way to turn on UV map allocation in Unreal? Or maybe a way to turn off texture auto sizing in unreal? I’m not sure, any help will be great!

This is the uv map which they both run off /

This is the Maya version /

This is the Unreal version /

How many UV sets does the mesh have? To me it looks like the UE4 material is set to the wrong UV set for the mesh. Make sure in the material editor you’re applying the texture to the correct UV set. Check the mesh in the static mesh editor to see how many UV sets you have…