How do I import and play videos?

Hello, question is simple, but it seems there is a lack of clear and definitive answers [How do I include videos files in my UE4 project? - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums], so I’m askin now:

I have a video file (whatever format, it doesen’t matter), how can I import it in editor and use it?

– OR –

How can I play (locally) an external video file (again, nevermind format)

Any help is appreciated,is there an “easy” way without involving C++ code?
Even if not, someone please can enlight me?

thank you - you’re amazing ! :slight_smile:

Hey paolo,

Currently video assets are not supported in UE4, but you can find a great plugin community is working on here:


Is this still in development? Would I still need this if I just want to stop gameplay and show a fullscreen video? If so, when could a possible release date be?

Hey Posell,

There is a new feature called Media Framework in editor starting with 4.5, which you can read about here:

Hope that helps!

Hey guys, this video explains in detail how to do so and how to make a “skipable cutscene” with your videos, maybe check that out, it helped me.