How do I import an updated animation?

Hey, I’ve been through countless forum posts trying to figure this out but none seem to have an up-to-date solution. I’ve been using Blender to make models, animations and export them to FBX, and I’ve got all of em set up in a state machine in UE. The problem is that I’ve now updated some of those animations and added new ones, but they do not come with the FBX when reimported.

The solution to importing NEW animations (not updated ones) was to import the FBX into a separate folder and re-target the animation from the new skeleton to the original one. Although a bit convoluted, this works fine. However, I now need to update existing animations without deleting/breaking the original ones as they are already set up in UE. How can I go about doing this? Also, is there a way to shorten the process of importing new animations to existing skeletons?

Turns out my skeleton was broken somehow and I was unable to reimport the animations. Getting the error “Could not find needed track”. I had to import the entire .fbx into a new folder and retarget the old animation BP. Now, when I reimport the animations, they update by themselves.