How do I import an iphone Live Link Face recording take from a take file for remote actor work?


If I have a remote actor use an iphone with Live Link Face to record a facial capture take.

Then have them send us the “MySlate_Take_##” files that are on there phone.

How do I load those files back into unreal?

The Take zip file appears to contain

  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_cal.csv
  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_neutral.csv
  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_raw.csv
  • take.json
  • thumbnail.jpg

Normally I would use live link and Take Recorder to record a take locally.

But if the actor is remote how do I get those take files back into unreal so I can laod them in as an animation or a “virtual live link” or any kind of animation?

Any time and help is greatly appreciated

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have you found a solution?

Well, I tried this trick but it’s not the best way to do it.
First, you have to create a struct, then you can import the JSON data or CSV data based on the struct you created earlier.

but the tricky part is that you’ve to add read that file inside the AnimBP of MH and update those morph target in the anim curve map/values(Spoiler: there are a lot of targets) or , but unfortunately not all the morph target is editable through the data table.
but this is the only way I’ve did in the past and it worked for me let’s say 60-70% but still

I’ve found this alternative approach maybe this will work for you