How do I import an iphone Live Link Face recording take from a take file for remote actor work?


If I have a remote actor use an iphone with Live Link Face to record a facial capture take.

Then have them send us the “MySlate_Take_##” files that are on there phone.

How do I load those files back into unreal?

The Take zip file appears to contain

  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_cal.csv
  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_neutral.csv
  • MySlate_6_Name_iPhone_raw.csv
  • take.json
  • thumbnail.jpg

Normally I would use live link and Take Recorder to record a take locally.

But if the actor is remote how do I get those take files back into unreal so I can laod them in as an animation or a “virtual live link” or any kind of animation?

Any time and help is greatly appreciated

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have you found a solution?