How do I import a volumetric object from Blender into UE?

I created a volumetric cube in Blender using the 2.8 beta Eevee render engine to render a “3D Nebula” My question is, how do I import this volumetric object into UE so my character can move around/through it? I’ll share the blender tutorial video so you can see what I want to import into the environment in UE.

Hi there,
the only method I know is about volume textures: You store your volume in a texture in form of multiple slices, like in a flipbook. In Unreal, you can sample them in a volume material and put the material on a box for example. This material is then able to fully interact with you scene: you can walk through, it is affected by light and your global volumetric fog settings. Here some links about the topic:

Volumetric Fog | Unreal Engine Documentation (Local Controlls)
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I hope that helps!