How do I import a UDK landscape into UE4?

Hi! I’m having issues on importing a raw16 heightmap file exported in UDK (a landscape terrain) into the UE4 landscape tool.

The heightmap seems to work because UE4 allows me to import the raw file but the data that the lanscape tool interprets is not the original terrain at no way. It generates a very spicky and ugly terrain.

Someone knows how to do the export and import it correctly?



I’m doing some research on this and finally found out how to make your terrain match to what you’ve in your terrain editor software: I personally use World Machine, but I think that any heightmap generator will do.

Keep in mind one thing: a Landscape with z scale 100, has an extension that goes from -256 to +256 meters.
Set up your heightmap generator software and you’ll be good to go. To have major extension, you must scale the landscape Z, but on that I’m not perfectly sure yet on how to obtain certain heights and match them to what I’ve in WM.
I’ll keep you updated… for now, try to create something in range.


OMG! Excelent tutorial! So many thaks!!