How do I import a static mesh that has multiple texture files?

I’ve downloaded a few free assets from various online model sites, but many of them have more than one texture file. For example, on a whiskey bottle: one texture map is the cork, and the other is the label. I’m not looking to combine them all into one texture externally right now- it’s just that when I drag all of the files into the editor, the mesh appears white in-game. Would I need to make an Unreal Engine material to apply to the mesh, and, if so, how would I apply the mesh’s two textures to it?

You might need to set up the mesh in your 3D program first if it’s not set up properly to be imported into UE4 directly.

As mentioned above, the first texture should be assigned as material ID n°1 and the second texture to material ID n°2 …in 3DSMax. You need a ‘Multi/Sub-Object’ material in 3DSMax before exporting it.