How do I import a house from Maya 2016 to Unreal 4?

So I made a rubbish house model in Maya 2016 really quickly so I can use it in my game in Unreal 4. When I export it with default settings, then import it in Unreal 4, it decides to export random space so instead of being able to place the import directly on the ground, it has to be through the ground for it to look like its on the floor. Also, when my player goes to enter the house (it has no doors, just an open passage) It sees the model as a whole object so it blocks the character entering the house. Also, when I set it do stop collision, the character can just go through it. Any help?

It could be the exporting or importing issues to do it with this?

Anyone please help?

It’s okay, I just levelled the ground with the grid and then in unreal, added my complex mesh collision and all is fine! Thanks