How do I import 3ds max files into UE4?

This is basically the entire question. I really don’t know how and can’t find the answer online. Please help, thanks!

Also, I really don’t know how to import any models at all, but 3ds max is the type I’m trying to import now.

UE4 works mostly with FBX files. Just export your models from Max as FBX.

I can’t find a way to convert the file. Also, I just discovered that I have a .max, not .3ds. Now what?

You don’t convert the file, you open it in Max and export it.

Sorry to not know anything, but this is a test model I downloaded: how to I open it in Max?

A “.max” file is a project file, simply open it in 3ds Max (File > Open). You can then select the model and export it as FBX (File > Export > Export Selected).

Oh, wow. Thank you!

You could also use the Autodesk Converter: