How do I implement a widget with 2 players?

I am setting up a widget where there is a character selection screen.

I kind of have an idea of what to do when a player clicked a character/image/button by storing an integer in an array for later use, but I am not sure how to have 2 controllers make individual selections? both my controllers control the same selection. I am trying to figure out how to give each player controller an box to move around, and when each click they SET their selection and stores the selected character as an index # in an array. Where do i start?

What is this game dude - Local offline split-screen. Online multiplayer split-screen co-op…


If you’re trying to learn ^ this ^ + sessions + replication at the same time its going to hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it is hurting already HAHA

Right now i’m just learning Local Split screen. All I can handle ATM So yes Just Local offline Split screen right now. Its a basic shooting game. 1v1 or potentially if I can figure out this logic MAYBE melee 4 players Local Offline to start. Then MAYBE try to port it out online LOL but that’s light years away still for me LOL

Epic did a Livestream back in late 2016 / early 2017 on this exact topic!!!
It even comes with a sample working project, so its worth a look (Events).
For now, you need to plug Player-Controller into Create-Widget → ‘Owner’.
And never ever let Get-Player-Controller default to ‘0’. Instead use: 0,1,2,3…

Thanks Ill see if I could find it! Thanks!

I cant seem to find the live stream you mentioned. By any chance you have any idea where I Could find it?

See here

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

Its becoming impossible to find anything on the forums anymore:

#1. A showstopping bug appeared in 2020, where you can’t properly search by username anymore (‘Members’) and then date sort the results [Sort By dropdown]. Choosing either Date-started-post or Date-last-update simply kills all of the results off - versus using the default* (‘Relevance*’). Whereas, if you don’t specify any username (‘Members’), then the date sort appears to work fine.

#2. Searching for the post above was a headwrecker. Example: Go to the Events forums section, and then click on the search dropdown and tick 'Search In Events Only’. Then enter split-screen as the keyword. That returns this one result. Whereas if you get rid of the hyphen, the search appears to work. So why is the search returning just one result from before: Why not none? … Why not all? :mad:

WOW! Thats crazy! I just tried it and yes it only shows that one result… That explains why every search i was doing i was coming up empty handed!


I temporarily did a different approach where I added the character selection to EACH player screen, I even tried drag and drop, but it got messy fast. I ultimately want to get it right with one screen. I appreciate your efforts very much!