How do I implement a hand-holding system?

If you are familiar with the game Ico, where the main character holds the hand of a girl while walking and running around.

How would one implement this in UE4? Assuming I have two models, with the same walking and running animation. I want to socket one hand from the second model to one hand from the first model (preferably left hand to right hand and vice versa). Do set ragdoll to the bones below the elbow? How would I get the second character to follow my steps kinematically? Even general advice would be very appreciated.

Hey boogerton!

You would do it by calculating avarage location of the 2 hand sockets and on both characters, IK different arms to the location.

You would probably have to do some extra math, since now the hands could detach, by limiting the movement to certain area around the other character.

Hope this helps, cheers!