How do I ignore input for a specific peroid of time?

So I want the game to ignore any input by player when an attack animation is playing. How do I achieve that?

Without having the editor open I cannot test this but you may be able to go to the blueprint executing the animation and get a reference to the player controller and then drag off of that and place a “DisableInput” node. When your animation is done you can use “EnableInput”. Just a guess, hope it works!

Well, I forgot to mention something. I am doing a combo system, so I still need to detect input during the attack animation. If I do disable input, the combo just stops at 1, because obviously there is no input. I just need to take in the input, but not play the attack 2 animation until attack 1 is done.

I got same question here.

That doesnt work for me because the program still listens the input even if its disable, do you know some method to the program stops listening tho the inputs?