How do I ignore collision if my character is in a specific state?

I have a concept in mind that requires the player to go into a “Ghost” state. I plan to have the player enter this state by pressing N, and leaving by pressing N again. While they are in this state, I want to know how I could make them clip through specific walls (specifically, Cubes using the material MI_Template_BaseBlue), and nothing else, as well as retaining normal collision if they are not in the “Ghost” state. Could anyone give me a basic foundation on how to start this process? Thanks!

i would use the set collision response to channel node as seen in the picture below. you could pair this with a custom collision channel thats used just for your special walls. this way you will only modify the collision response to that one channel and everything else will be the same. oh and to implement the turning on and off of the feature you could just use a flipflop.


I don’t know how to do it based on Material but I know how to do it using Collision Channels based on Tags or Actors or static meshes. You could indicate those walls that are a subclass of the ghostable staticmesh actor class by painting them with that material though.

i think you posted this to the wrong thread.from my limited french and google translate you seem to be talking about something completely unrelated to the question at hand here.

Set la capsule compenant à la hauteur avec un node (je n’ai pas le nom sur moi) et mes le à 0 pour pouvoir faire passer le X en fonction de la variable “IsFalling”, sinon leur désamensage se renty, donc X=V=IsFalling=1 Soit true !
Après tu le relie à la variable et à un branch (tu convertis en booléan la valeur) !