How do I hold a closed beta of my plugin?

I have a code plugin in the works and I want to be able to do a closed beta soon. I can’t see how I would do this using the current Marketplace. Either the product is Released (everyone can see it + everyone can download it) or Hidden (no-one can see it + I can download it). I’d like some middle ground where I can give people a code or a link to add it to their library for the beta period. A possible issue is that it’s going to be a paid plugin so it’s like free-codes which might not be allowed. The only other way I can see is to release it on (or similar) and have it behind limited DL codes, but this doesn’t allow me to test the proper release channels and they have to have it as a project plugin and not an engine plugin.
Any thoughts?

I guess you’ve got

You could post a download link there.

Or you could invite people to a discord server, and give them links in a private chat.

So, would this be some sort of link to the Marketplace product? How do I generate that? I want it to be as close to a released product user experience as possible. i.e. Install the plugin using the Launcher and able to add it to projects.
I’m not too concerned about how to get the links out to people.

Ah, that I don’t know, I’m afraid…