How do I hide on-screen buttons on android devices?

the problem is on some phones (like nexus 5) there is on-screen button (android button home, back, …) at the bottom, and they stay here, so widget are hidden by this bottom bar

in some games this bottom bar disappear

i would like to know how to remove them in blueprint if possible (because i want to package game for ios too later i cant use code)


ps: am not talking about the joystick from “Default Touch Interface”

Hi skeleton60,

Look in the Android Project Settings for “Enable FullScreen Immersive on KitKat and above devices.” checkbox. Turn this on and on-screen buttons will be hidden on KitKat and above.

:o thank you :o

Is this only supported in 4.9 or can you do it in 4.8.3 as well?

This was added in 4.9.

Thank you,it’s solved my problem!