How do I hide Engine Content?

In UMG I have dozens of User Created widgets called Option 01, Option 02 etc, and it’s making it harder to find my actual User Created widgets. How do I hide/remove these?

I don’t think you can hide the default Widget classes. I use the search function at the top of the list.

Just typ “Opt” or such to quickly see only your option widgets for example.

Oh no, I am trying to hide those Option widgets. They weren’t created by me, yet they are there, and it’s a long, long list. They look like VR Editor Control help menus.

Oh dear, how crazy. I don’t see those widgets in my editor. Is this from the launcher or github?

Whoa, actually, i take it back, i was looking at the wrong project. These appear to just be tutorial assets. You could most probably just move/delete them and anything that references them. I would keep them around as a backup in case you ened them later

You can hide engine content with the view option on the bottom right of content browser and uncheck “Show Engine Content”