How do I hide a widget when a static mesh becomes visible?

So I have an widget for a key and a mesh for a key. Ive made the key appear when I put it in the door, but I want the key icon widget to disappear after I’ve put the key in the door.

I basically need the widget to disappear from my HUD when the key mesh becomes visible in game.

I’ve played around with isvisible for the mesh then set visibility of widget off but that doesn’t seem to work

Hi man,

If you made a widget with only the key, you can use** remove from parent**, to hide that widget.
So, you have to get the reference to the widget that hold the Key, (when you spawn it, promote it to a variable)

If your key is inside a bigger widget , you have to set the “whatever is your key”
if you used an image , you have to get a reference to that image and change his Brush, (pretty sure)