How do I have a second camera in my myplayer blueprint render a scene capture?

I created a material for a scene capture and placed it in the corner of the screen via HUD. The screen capture plays whatever the player camera is. I added a second camera up above the player…I can’t get the scene capture to render what the above camera is viewing…How do I set that up correctly??

You need to use a Scene Capture 2D component for that, not a normal camera.

i’m using one. But it feeds off of a certain camera correct?? cuz by default it’s using the camera attached normally.

Now i’m confused…can you post a screenshot of your BP’s components tab and tell me again what you want the Scene Capture 2D actor to see?

I’m see yes I post one soon. But it’s simple I’m sorry im.not good at explaining.
The scene capture 2D is in the my character blueprint so it’s capturing the camera that is seen through playing the game. I wanted to set up a SECOND camera in the same BP that was above the player looking down and have the scene capture 2D shoot through THAT camera.

Oh, now i see. Scene Capture 2D captures what IT sees, not the camera component of your BP. So once you position the scene capture 2d actor above the character it should render what it sees. And dont forget to set the render texture as the texture input of that scene capture component.

I’m still confused…I don’t want the capture to view the same thing as the normal first person camera does…I’d like to have it look down on the character. So I have second camera looking down…I would like the screen capture to show what that camera is doing. I have the texture up and I’ve drew it to the HUD. It’s just not rendering the camera that’s above the camera looking down. It looks like it’s showing the first person camera. The first camera

I know, that’s exactly what i meant. I had tried this about a month ago with a car, rendering the rear view on a mirror with a scene capture 2d actor, in the same BP. It was with 4.2 so who knows, maybe it is a bug but i dont know yet. It’s too late for me today but i’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know if you cant fix it by then. And please post a screenshot of your BP’s components tab.