How do I have a different floor piece spawn?

So, I am making a endless runner type game. I have my basic floor (plane) built with the box collision already done. I added a Green strip on each side to give a glow but also with its box collision limits player movement. This floor is set to spawn on floor 0 thru 9. But after floor 10 (technically 9) how do I get it to spawn the yellow glowing floor, and then after floor 20, how do i get it to spawn the orange glowing floor. Obviously once I get it to spawn the yellow i can duplicate the blueprint for the next one. So roughly after 40 or so floors, I want to spawn a red glowing floor (already designed the floor), which is the end of the level. Do i just put another box collision on floor 39 to spawn red glowing floor boss area?

with end level parameters?

You’ll need your mesh to be an Array that you can pull a variety of meshes from. Then you can use a Loop Index number divided by 10 to change every 10th actor.

My setup has different nodes, but the logic is the same.

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