How do i go about retrieving newly set variable from a UI's child buttons and use it in other bp

currently trying to make a “remote” that opens a ui when left-clicked, to find all players and out of the generated list of players, when i select a generated button, it’d display a tracking arrow, pointing towards the target and display the location of the target.

got passed those parts, now trying to make it so that even after i closed the ui(removed from viewport), the target selected earlier can be called on a right-click(alt fire) again, got the alt-fire event working, but i cant seems to pull the variables i set up on the first parts to the right-click event.

should i be doing something on the ui’s button to send the newly set data, after i selected a target to the right-click event before the ui is removed from viewport?


The widget no longer exists once it’s closed so you can’t access its variables. You’ll have to store that information somewhere else.

yeap, figured i should put it in an invisible buff for the meantime, til i find a less round’bout way to do it

thanx again XD