How do I go about making load up saved variables on every startup?

with these settings, they seems to be replicating on client-side, logging out and back into the game got the changed materials loaded up, but the variables arent getting applied on the server getting restarted


can someone please point me in the right direction? thank you so much.

WoW! There’s all kinds of wrong going on here.

  1. You might as well as delete the switchhasnetauth nodes since they are essentially doing absolutely nothing the way you have them setup.
  2. Rep notifies should be fired from server not multicast.
  3. I’m assuming you have nothing inside the rep notify function since you don’t show that in the pics. Your set material nodes that you are setting with the events should be inside the rep notify function not on the event graph…

There’s more but start with that

:o tyty, you’re right, i didnt have anything inside onrep function >.< at all

il keep testing these out, thx for pointing those out for me. much luv


haha, to those lookin these stuffs up later, never do what im doing.

use a switch on int instead of all those branch’s

thx poker, i finally got through this part, if it wasnt for you telling me about repnotify function, i’d probably still be here for days XD

much luv