How do I go about making a junction box without electrical wires?

Been trying to make it so that the junction box doesnt need to be snapped on to a wired connection from the generator, I’m a total amateur with the graphs.
Completely willing to learn, just need some pointers, Thank you!

also another question, how do i make the red boxed up “Set Linked Power Junction Structure” variable have a “target” variable so i can link it to something?

Much love

Can you just have the outlet free snap to floors, or whatever you’re planning here, instead of cables? I feel that’d be easier. For the set linked power junction structure, it’s looking for an object reference, such as your cast node to the electric junction. They’re the same color. You can hover over the blue dot in the set and it should say what it’s expecting you to connect.

oh man, that straight up escaped me. il go give that a try tomorrow.

thank you so much.

If you’re just wanting to remove the attaching cables then all you need to do is delete the particle system from “Junction Link Particle Template” on the structure BP.

Oh! nvm, i finally got it to work, thank you so much for all your pointers!

oh… i celebrated too soon, it only hides the cables after the junction box is placed, gotta find a way to replace all junction link particle template to read whenever a structure is being place…

how do i replace the junction link particle template on the parents? do i have to manually do what did for every one of them that needs it?

can someone throw me a bone here?