How Do I Go About Creating a Low Poly Landscape?

I am trying to create a low poly landscape(like this) using the unreal engine 4 map editor. How would I go about doing this(and could you say it in a step by step manner)? Thanks in advance.

I think you should build the mesh in a mesh editing program (like 3ds Max, Blender, Modo, etc) and import as FBX into Unreal.

but how would the collision boxes work

UE4 comes with landscape creation and editing. Try using the mountain looking tool at the top left of the screen in UE4. After that scroll down in that window up there and click create. This will create a flat land. Use the sculpting tool and painting tool to sculpt and paint your landscape. The landscape should already have collision built in so your character doesn’t fall through the floor upon playing. Haven’t fully tested this stuff yet but I believe that’s what happens.

Make a collision copy.

collision: -> use the 3rd way
landscape: probably this thread helps you: :slight_smile:

My assumption is that the built-in landscape tool in UE is not low-poly enough to achieve the look in the sample image.

The sample image may or may not have normal and other texturing tricks applied.

Using the whole
method of creating meshes in Blender:

When you make a mesh in Blender, for example, you can have multiple meshes per object, and when you import the fbx into UE4 you uncheck “combine collision meshes” or whatever it is and then basically you’d have to do the hard yards of making lots of meshes in the UCX object because each UCX has to be convex

This aesthetic depends so strongly on you having complete control over each vertex - I’d recommend using a 3D modeling tool for it. The landscape tool in UE4 does a great job, but it doesn’t expose the same level of control over individual verts that you actually need. Additionally, the landscape tool will smooth the face normals which you don’t want to do for this look so you’d have to make a custom shader to counteract that if you were to use landscapes.