How do i give my guy health

I am new to this and if anyone could tell me how to give people health or any other tips that would be amazing. Also how do you make physics like if you jump you will fall down unless a platform caught you. I know nothing about this so anything could help.

Your guy?
Not sure what you’re referring too.

Are you talking about making your own UE4 project or some UE4 based game that is already out?

I meant the sprite or blue person. I was wondering how I would give him health. I was going to make a parkour game and I wanted there to fall damage when he fell.

Start with some of the Blueprint tutorials, then work your way up from there.
There are a lot of resources, both on this site, as well as YouTube, Google etc.

Hey there, I’ve got a free blueprint project here that deals with health/shield and regeneration/pickups that you might find useful. Other than that, as the previous posters mentioned there are plenty of tutorials that would help point you in the right direction. Good luck! =)