How do I get World Partition to even work?

I am rather new using UE5 (like most here are) and I am having an issue with the World Partition. I have tried everything I found on how to do that at the website World Partition | Unreal Engine Documentation to get it to work and I still am unable to get it to work. I have tried to migrate my landscape from UE4.26 to UE5 and it would import but not set in with World Partition. I have gone to Project setting - World Partition - Import and this crashes the engine. I have even tried to make a landscape in the engine it self and it would not even get placed in the World Partition. When I open the Partition Window under Window - World Partition, it shows to be empty. I have saved the project, restarted the project and nothing. I have built the project, saved then reloaded and still nothing. I have noticed that in the World settings tab, it is disabled and I am unable to check that to enable it. I did go to Project setting - World Partition and have it enabled in there and even have the option to convert the project to World partition. When I am offered that choice, I select yes to that and it finishes successfully with not issue asking to restart the project. When this is done, the World partition is still not active. What am I doing wrong?

Unreal Twitch is covering this right now. It’ll be posted to Youtube probably tomorrow I think.

Thank you Scott for the reply. Any idea if they will mention how to move the Landscape and suck from World Comp to the new World Partition? I failed to mention that in this post. Also, if it going to be posted on Twitch, will you please add a link to it for me here? I would most likely not know which one to look for since I rarely use twitch and am busy and all.

I didn’t watch the full video. It’s here to watch. This is when they brought up partitions.

Great thanks and most appreciated. I do love many of the changes and added features in UE5. Now the hard part is figuring how to use them correctly.