How do I get WaveWorks to install into UE4?

So I have really wanted to get working with waveworks, however the only way I can do that is with github. I have never used github, and it’s starting to **** me off, I can’t figure out what to do what so ever.

I tried following this tutorial:

So I “cloned” the branch or whatever in the first step. For some reason github desktop wont let me see files, only showing them in a dropdown menu. Why can’t I just drag the downloaded cloned files into my UE4 files?
This is extremely frustrating, why couldn’t Epic Games and NVidia just use dropbox or google drive to let people download waterworks, github is so terrible.

Anyway, please help, I do not have any idea what I am doing. How do I get waterworks to work?

You arent supposed to move these files into any existing UE4 file location. What you are getting is a complete copy of UE4 source with waveworks built into it.

Wait, then what is the point of the Epic Games Launcher? So I have to use an entirely new version of UE4 seperate from Epic Games Launcher list to run it???

How would I use my assets in the new engine if its not linked up to Epic Games?

Also, is it possible for somebody to help me out with a step by step tutorial, but less confusing than the one I linked? The one I linked made no sense, it was telling me to do stuff I had no idea how or where they were.

Thanks for anything!

I was wondering the same thing. What use would be to build a customized UE4 version just to have waveworks (or gameworks) in it? Can’t libraries be ported to the “factory” UE4 release?

No, unfortunately the nvidia branches require changes to the engine itself.

Hence the need to build a custom engine.

Just follow the same approach as building the epic engine:
Easiest path:
Download and extract zip from github.
Run Setup.bat
Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat
Load the project into Visual Studio by double-clicking on the UE4.sln file. Set your solution configuration to Development Editor and your solution platform to Win64, then right click on the UE4 target and select Build.

prepare for hours of waiting and hours of building!!! and yeah they should just have a release where you dont have to compile it yourself but i heard somewhere everyone needs something specifically different and platform dependant so this is their response as to why you have to do this stuff yourself