How do I get this node? ,How do you get this node?

Im watching This tutorial on how to create a twin stick shooter, by the Unreal Engine Channel, and i was just wondering how to get this node?

Here is a link to the Tutorial Silly Geo: Creating a Twin-Stick Shooter | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube,

This is varable get node, they geting varable from target object (blue color), there also set nodes which sets those varables, using this you can direcly access and interact with varables in object of specific class. It not supricing you cant find it because you wont find it in Library tab, to get this node you need to pick up blue object pin (like you normaly link) and drop it in empty space so context menu will be diplayed, in there varable nodes available in that object be in “Varables” category, there will be set and get nodes dependin how access to the is set (if they read only, write only or read write), some varables (as they usally C++ enteties) are accessable via funtion nodes (those with f icon), when they need extra code to setup the change