How do I get this game function to work with Blueprints?

A scenario I have…simple…If someone could just help me…I use blueprints.

Heres a simple version…
You walk in a room…in 2 of the corners there is an unlit candle…so 2 of them.
IN the middle of them room there is a lit torch…You walk over in first person and step over the torch…now it appears in your hand. …bestially you pick it up we’ll say.
Now what I want to do is now that the torch is in my hand I want to light the 2 candles…so walk near it with the torch in hand a that would trigger the particle system over the candle. …What would be the blueprint and details structure behind that exactly??

I know this may be an in depth question…but any help would be great.

On Begin Overlap is your main event trigger. You need to give the torch and the candles a volume that triggers overlaps with the player.

When the player comes near the torch, the On Begin Overlap calls a function to attach the torch to his hand/skeleton. I haven’t worked with the skeleton so I am short on details here.

When the torch volume overlaps the candle volume, it calls the On Begin Overlap and turns the particle effect on.

If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest watching Epic’s official video tutorials, especially the ones about blueprints:

Collision Volumes, turning on and off lights, etc are all covered rather well in the basic tutorials.

I feel like thats how I assumed beforehand hat it would be done…I just wonder sometimes if I’m taking the long route.
Thank You Greatly!