How do i get the sum of the solutions of multiple equations with a loop?

i want to add together the solutions of something (for example) (1^2)+(2^2)+(3^2)+(4^2) and so on. i need a loop because i need to be able to do this hundreds of times.

You could just switch based on what operator your string/equation has (use a simple “split” string function, and it’s return value), and then just increment a float by the solution to each equation.

There is a “Math Expression” node available in blueprints. Perhaps you could do your equation directly on that? Not really sure what you are trying to do or achieve though so hard to tell

You do it same way as you do in any programming language:
make function
make for loop inside
create variable to store value between iteration
loop trough, calculate each step (iteration)
add up result

yep this is what i did. Thanks.